Many former journalists invigorate their careers by writing best-selling novels. I turned to computer animation and music instead.

And to think at one point, I wanted to be an astronaut. But France isn't exactly known for its space program, is it? Besides, my interest in science was always stronger than my aptitude for it. Life has a cruel sense of humor that way.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised mostly in France, I immigrated to the United States to re-invent myself. The man in the mirror is older now, but just as eager to grow as a human being. Sadly, my waist got the message early.

Regardless of the hat I'm wearing — writer, illustrator, musician, art director — my goal is to inspire creativity, promote integrity, and encourage collaboration. I am motivated by learning and mentoring, focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, and fostering an inclusive, compassionate environment. That's a resume-worthy paragraph, right there.

Didier v5 is a work in progress. Maybe I will write a novel, after all, complete with illustrations and companion soundtrack.