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The MidJourney AI app has been raising eyebrows in the art community for all the reasons one might expect. Is it art if a computer makes it? Is it your art? Is art dead? Are artists obsolete? And so on. It's an old argument.

Playing around with MidJourney is like letting your fevered brain roll the dice at the craps table of imagination. Happy accidents and nightmarish visions are all on the menu. I've found the app an interesting tool to generate ideas, and explore artistic directions I might not have considered otherwise.

Rather than letting the AI do all the work, though, I've been feeding it my own drawings to analyze how it interprets my style. That way, I can hone in on words and phrasing that direct the AI to create something similar to what I could do. And then I refine that new output further with my own digital strokes in Photoshop. 

Please enjoy my synthetic collaboration.

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