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Keyboards clacking, printers puttering, phones ringing, conversations overlapping. Holding everything together: the warm, electric smell of computers, the feverish energy of a team dedicated "to get it right."

Newsrooms are magical places. I'd like to think they still are, anyway.

I remember the first time I set foot in one. Barely 18, French accent still coloring my English, I show up at The Muleskinner, the University of Missouri's weekly student newspaper. Under my arm is my art portfolio, which I present eagerly. My foot in the door is a hand on a sketch pad, drawing editorial cartoons.

Over the following 15 years, I grow into a reporter, photographer, copy-editor, page designer, news editor — some days all at the same time. Whatever it takes to help the team hit that daily deadline.

This gallery contains a selection of my favorite design and editing work, which, it occurs to me, is now a slice of U.S. history.

Newseum: Service
Newseum: Pro Gallery
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