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Goodbye, Vangelis

I went to bed with a heavy heart last night, following the news of Greek musician Vangelis' death. Morning arrived with a grey, cottony sadness that breakfast and my wife's smile failed to dispel.

I'm not one to fuss over celebrities. The sight of crowds going hysterical over The Beatles or fainting when Justin Bieber waves boggles my mind. I know little of the kind of human being Vangelis was when away from his instruments, but I feel his loss like the dissonance of a piano that has gone out of tune.

Vangelis' music spoke to me, indeed inspired me to pursue my own composing interests. He is forever part of my quartet of music heroes, along with Jean-Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Kitaro. Even now, as the soulful piano of "Nocturnal Promenade" follows the eerie voices of "In Serenitatem" on my Spotify playlist, his melodies provide a mental escape while at the same time grounding me to face the workday's challenges.

Fare thee well, Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou. I have no doubt your work will continue to inspire generations to come.

What a legacy to leave behind.

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